Photo Gallery – Rust-hued autumn vines in Carneros

Rust-hued autumn vines in Carneros

Occasionally I will post photographs that I have taken, photographs of what we all call wine country.  Why wine country photos?  One good reason is that this is a wine blog.  Another reason is that most of us, if not all of us, find wine country scenic and picturesque.  Wine country often seems to be found in a naturally geographically attractive region.  The symmetry of the rows upon rows of grape vines creates a special beauty, and the grape vine leaves are stunningly attractive, each with a different pattern, from Chardonnay’s “naked vein”, to Syrah’s heightened borders.  Not to mention the magnificent bunches of grapes each with a characteristic form and coloration.  But that is just the beginning.  In wine country are found the architecture of the wineries, inside and out, historic and modern, the harvests, fall colors, and much more, quite a range of attractions.  I will add one remark about the nostalgia often attached to wine country, due to pleasant memories to all the good things found there, the food, the good smells not the least of which are the subtle smells inside the winery barrel aging rooms.  And let’s not forget the fabulous wines crafted in wine country.

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