News Shaping the Wine World July 2018

It is not unwarranted to say that events in the world of wine are progressing at a breathless pace.  From time to time I mention current news that is shaping the world of wine in some way, large or small.  Following are items that caught my attention in July.

How and why our taste in wine at restaurants is changing
Evolution or simply change?  May not matter, especially if it tastes good.

Oregon Wineries Step Up, Outside Players Move In
Oregon continues to grow and mature with majority of produces remaining small

Wine Futures: Is Investing Right for You?
Investors only

Wine Is Full of Healthy Polyphenols. But What’s a Polyphenol?
Like subatomic particles, there are a lot different types of them!

Meet the Producers That are Redefining American Wine
The more things change…


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