Wine World July News

The 2021 world of wine news

Events are occurring in the world of wine at an ever-increasing rate as people everywhere on earth reconnect with this substance that has been with our civilization for thousands of years, and as the state of the art in the wine industry evolves.   AppellationsTen calls attention to current news shaping the wine world and making it spin.

How a few changes to vineyard management could help save the planet

Climate Change Threat to Wine Regions

Livermore Winemakers Look to New Grape to Fight Climate Change

Can ‘Do-Nothing Farming’ Produce Quality Wine?

Cabernet Franc’s Shot at Glory

The World’s Most Wanted Cabernet Francs
(From 2020, related to above Cabernet Franc’s Shot at Glory)

Ocean Wine Storage Company Requests Approval to Install Seafloor Storage Cages Offshore of Montecito

The United Nations of the wine world yet to vote on relocation to Dijon

Cheval-Blanc and Ausone Say Adieu to St.-Emilion Classification. Does It Matter?

The Future of the Wine and Spirits Sales Rep Role

California Wine Sales Hit $40 Billion in 2020, Despite Pandemic

Could underground heat exchangers combat frost in vineyards?

Is Wine Losing Its Hold On Younger Adults?

Wine Tourism will Rebound but Look Different, Experts Say

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