News, May-June 2021


Events are occurring in the world of wine at an ever-increasing rate as people everywhere on our earth reconnect with this substance that has been with our civilization for thousands of years, and as the state of the art in the wine industry evolves.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news shaping the wine world and making it spin.  The span of coverage includes wine facilitators, wine varieties, vineyards, wine institutes and summits, wine marketing, sales, and business, new wine products, wine organizations, social changes, and infinitely more.

Meet the New Generation of Mexican-American Winemakers

Experts Weigh in on the Biggest Obstacles and Opportunities to Sell More Wine

What’s the Future of the Floor Sommelier Role?

So, You Want to Be a Wine Consultant?

Australian Wine CONNECTs with Global Wine Trade

Beyond Barolo: Nebbiolo’s New Faces

California’s Grand Cru Vineyards Emerge

Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute Launches New Inclusion Effort

2021 Wine Business Institute Research Summit Highlights Leadership Through Innovation

Vinfolio Releases First Fine Wine Investment Report

Clos Du Val Sells Vineyard to Sequoia Grove Winery’s Parent Company

How Can Low and No-Alcohol Wine Engage with ‘Moderating’ Millennial and Gen Z Wine Consumers?

Lodi Winegrape Commission Celebrates 30 Years, Passing Referendum with 85% Approval

A dive into the diversity of Washington State wines

(1) Credit Wikimedia Commons

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