Events Spinning the Wine World, March, 2021

The 2021 world of wine news

Events in the world of wine are progressing at an ever-increasing rate as the state of the art in the wine industry evolves.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news shaping the wine world making the wine-world spin.

What is the Future for Burgundy Wines in the U.S.?
Whither the USA?

For First Time, Beer Imports Topped Wine Imports In 2020
It’s intricate

Grassroots of Ribbon Ridge
Oregon’s smallest AVA big on growing green
What’s crucial is not the size of the AVA in the effort, but is the effort in the AVA!
Dedication to the land, our earth, and humanity
Vision of 100% organic, Biodynamic and LIVE-certified AVA

Does Wine Lose Its Spirit When the Alcohol Is Removed?
The zing is gone, but the market is buying strong

Gallo Aims for a Diverse Wine Portfolio to Embody and Reflect a Diverse World
Acquiring 30 brands is a big-time move

Winery Wildfires: How Record Wildfires Are Impacting Wineries Today
A tough road – pandemic, tariffs, wildfires

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