Finca Nueva 2010 Tempranillo Reserva


95, Reviewed by Michael Rockich, AppellationsTen

Have you ever tasted a wine and been really surprised that it’s punching well above its weight class?  That is exactly what I noticed in this 100% Tempranillo, Finca Nueva’s 2010 Tempranillo Reserva.  If you know what transpires at Finca Nueva, you understand why.  Winemaker-proprietor Miguel calls his makings from Finca Nueva, his newest winery, “fun wines”.  He has misrepresented these wines, but with honesty, by underrepresenting them.  Finca Nueva’s wines may be “fun”, but they are more and better than just that.  They are overperforming, high quality, exciting wines.  Especially this 2010.

Winemaker-proprietor Miguel Angel de Gregorio

There are reasons Finca Nueva’s wines perform so well.  A core belief of renowned winemaker Miguel Angel Gregorio is that wine is made in the vineyard.  That seems a very good place to start – quality in, quality out!  Miguel Angel has said, “I treat wines with absolute delicacy”, and “A winery is not a building, it is a philosophy, a place where we strive to go further.”   Undoubtedly, with these attitudes every detail at Finca Nueva is scrutinized with loving care.  That is clearly apparent in tasting Miguel’s exciting wines!

The grapes for this 2010 Reserva Tempranillo come from an area near the village of Navarrete in Rioja Alta, 2 1/2 hours north of Madrid in Rioja Alta.  The region provides an ideal climate for Tempranillo.  This source boasts 39-acres of vines averaging 35-years of age strategically facing north-northeast.  In these vineyards both head-pruned and trellised vines in densely planted format are rooted in a variety of terrain including calcium-rich earth, ferrous-clay soils, and alluvial deposits.  The vines are farmed under Miguel Ángel de Gregorio’s specific viticultural direction which includes organic fertilization and principals of sustainability.  Miguel is a highly capable winegrower with a big international reputation for progress and novel concepts.  If “wine is made in the vineyard”, this is an excellent representative.

At harvest, grape clusters are manually sorted, destemmed, and put uncrushed in stainless steel tanks to macerate for a minimum of six days at 41 ℉ prior to the primary fermentation.  Immediately afterwards the fermentation begins in stainless as the temperature is raised to 82 ℉ for at least 10 days while concurrent thrice daily manual pump overs are performed.  Skin maceration time totals at least 16 days.  Secondary fermentation also occurs in stainless.  Ultimately the fermented wine is gravity fed out of tank and the solids are pressed in a vertical press.  Élevage follows with 24 months in French and American oak barrels with  racking at 4-month intervals.  The wine is bottled unfined and receives lengthy aging in bottle.  Reserve wine aging requirements are at least three years.  Winemaker – proprietor Miguel Angel prefers significantly more, actually years longer aging.  His purpose is to ensure the wine is quite approachable upon release.  The specs on this wine read as follows: alcohol 14%, PH 3.65, and TA 4.8 g/L

I would say that winemaker – proprietor Miguel Angel Gregorio outdid himself on this one!  He really nailed it!   Although he says Finca Nueva just makes “fun wines”, this one is much, much more.  Here he created a highly expressive Reserva Tempranillo exemplifying quality all the way from the vines, to fermentation vessel, to the bottle!  Real rocket fuel!  It has everything a quality wine is supposed to convey – acid lift, ripe sweet fruit, good intensity, density, a solid frame, and excellent balance.  You couldn’t design a more complete and inviting wine.  By the way, Miguel didn’t design it either.   He simply works his magic in creating delicious, hedonistic wines, over and over again!  It’s all about the fruit, the caring, and the attention to detail at every step.

This red wine brings refreshing, bright fruit with high delineation to the palate, as well as dried fruit nuances of fig, apricot, and raisin.  The viscosity of this beautiful ruby purple Tempranillo generates numerous long legs descending the sides of the glass.  Plentiful lively, animated fruit is off the chart showcasing sweet luscious red forest berry, pomegranate, red cherry, and rhubarb, especially at the rear palate.  Great flavor content!  Intense, inviting, and delicious!  This smooth Tempranillo Reserva is loaded with high extract, fine tannins, good length, and great impact.  What’s to want?  Oh yes, it’s clearly a price-performer!  With food it’s real good too.  A slight tanginess interacts with and compliments the cuisine.
About $25
Trinchero Family Estates imported 500 cases of 750ml format
A sample for review

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