Events Spinning the Wine World, Dec. 2020

         The world of wine news

Events in the world of wine are progressing at an increasingly breathless pace.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news shaping the wine world.  Read the current wine news that makes the world spin.

It’s Time to Put the Noble Grapes in Their Place
AppellationsTen’s credence – Taste variety

Bordeaux’s New Grape Varieties Take Root
Options – fine! Remember, you have a good thing going!

The New Conversation About White Wine and Tannins
Add dimensionality

Loire Valley Wines
Do you really know French wines?

Try a Red Wine From the Nation of Georgia
Amphora wine

Enoforum, Europe’s Largest Scientific Technical Wine Congress, Coming to America
Amp up your technical wine savvy!

How Winemakers Craft Clean Natural Wines
It’s just natural

Santa Barbara County Vintners Impressed by Quality of 2020 Vintage
Vintage report

AppellationTen’s comments (Italics)

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