SPECIAL EDITION – The increasing online wine marketing and sales of the covid19 era looks permanent

Events in the world of wine are progressing at an increasingly breathless pace.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news that is shaping the world.  See the current wine news that make the wine world spin.

Publishers note – AppellationsTen will add future news to this trend noted from across 2020.

Accelerated Growth in Digital Wine Marketplaces Offers Opportunity for Wineries in Pandemic Era and for the Future
A more virtual future appears immanent

Winemakers Turn to Zoom Tastings to Survive Lockdown Strife
But of course, what else?

Pandemic Ecommerce Tactics for Wineries to Implement Now
“Pandemic ecommerce tactics” becoming “standard operating procedure”

Niche online brands are surging as stay-at-home orders lead to spike in e-commerce sales
Creative marketing at work

The Wine Market: Building An E-commerce Strategy merchants are busy during the coronavirus crisis
When all else fails, strategize!

How savvy off-premise operators have adapted their approach to inventory management mid-pandemic

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