Echo Bay 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

91 Points, reviewed by Michael Rockich, Appellations Ten

Statistics say that over two-thirds of adult wine drinkers prefer red over white wine.  I attended a dinner party once bringing a red wine, and as I presented it to the host, he appeared pleased and said, “Ah, what is wine if it is not red?”  I thought, if you would take a wine appreciation course you might find the answer is that red is only one-fifth of the pie, the other parts being white, rosé, sweet, and sparkling wines.  Anyone doubting the accolades for white wines should be aware of Chateau Yquem’s white sweet wine.  In the French 1855 Classification of Bordeaux wines it was rated Premier Cru Superieur (First Great Growth), a unique rank rating higher than any other wine, including all reds.

As I have said before, Red wines go so well with food, and some of the greatest wines in the world are red, but some of the most beautiful are white!  That’s not end of story.  White wines go well with food too.  It’s just that many of us are not as accustomed to making pairs with white wine, and must work a little harder at finding the sometimes more subtle match.

The Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux’s Pessac Léognan and the Loire Valley in France have a reputation for finesse and elegance.  After reviewing this Echo Bay’s 2019, I believe that their wine from New Zealand’s South Island near Marlborough is in a similar camp when it comes to elegance and delicacy of character.  After all, New Zealand is particularly noted for world-class Sauv Blanc.

Echo Bay’s sources the grapes for this wine from the Railyard Vineyard in the Rapaura region on sustainably farmed 15-year-old vines planted on stony soils.  The area is known for its dazzling blue skies, spikey mountain peaks, and crystal-clear waterways.  The cool growing season lends to complexity in the fruit.  Winemaker Nick Goldschmidt made this wine.  A highly regarded New Zealand native, Nick has many high scoring wines and plenty of international experience on his resume.  This 2019 incurred a cold-fermentation in stainless steel without malolactic, and was finished suitably with a screwcap.

Very pale straw in color with jade hues, this Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc delivers aromas of gooseberries, the pungent style with abundant of methoxypyrazines (organic compounds producing a characteristic aroma) with notes of passion fruit, herbs, lemon verbena, and green tropical fruits.  This wine is all about elegance, finesse, and delicacy as well.  The elevated acid partners with the nuances of dried tropical fruit and honied pineapple, creating a seamless harmony.  This light-bodied entry from Echo Bay brings excellent balance across the board, good integration of components with notable complexity, well delineated attributes, pristine ripe fruit, and finishes long.  Kudos!

I paired a white Tuscan Garlic bean soup with the Sauv Blanc because this rich thick soup works so well with wines endowed with elevated acid.  I pair it often with whites and reds.

Echo Bay’s 2019 Sauvignon Blanc represents wine money well spent, hence the reason why it is recognized by Appellations Ten as a price-performer.  Don’t miss goods buys, especially this one!

Trinchero Family Estates (TFE), The world’s second-largest family-owned winery and the fourth-largest overall, owns the Echo Bay wine brand.

About $16.

A sample for review.

Photo – Credit Echo Bay

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