Events Spinning the 2020 Wine World, February – March

The world of wine news

Events in the world of wine are progressing at an increasingly breathless pace.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news that is shaping the wine world in some way.  Take note of current wine news that helps make the world spin.

Publisher’s note – This is a delayed entry, as I have said before, due to the still current upside-down state of our world.  We trust that those thoughtful souls who are attempting to right-side it will have success.  Initially I questioned who would be reading during the pandemic, and how much news there would be, but on both counts, plenty!  I have also combined new for February and March.  Thanks for your patience.

Jackson Family Wines receives Organizational Leadership Award at 2020 Climate Leadership Conference
Biz savvy

Exploring Argentina’s High-Elevation Uco Valley
The highs of altitude

Experts encourage Washington vineyard acreage removal to address grape surplus
Too much of a good thing

Future of North Bay business: 5G, robotics, adventure tourism, sustainable wine grapes, millennial recruitment

Jackson Family Wines: Reading The Off-Premise Surge
More biz savvy

Reclaiming Napa’s Classic Style
Winds of change, or honoring tradition?

Wineries Get Creative to Reach Customers During Pandemic
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Wine Star Awards 20th

Reaching Out to Wine’s Lost Generations
Learned vs. inherent behavior, isn’t communication wonderful!

‘Like the coronavirus’: Rampaging insect shows up in California, alarming farmers

$163 billion grape industry at risk due to spread of grapevine red blotch virus with no known treatment
More bugs

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