Events Spinning the Wine World August 2019

Events in the world of wine are progressing at an increasingly breathless pace.  AppellationsTen calls attention to current news that is shaping the wine world in some way.  Below take note of current wine news that helps make the world spin.

A Vintner’s Quest to Create a Truly American Wine
The Popelouchum Project, Randall Grahm’s Pursuit of a Wine Stamped “Created in the USA”
(Encore from April-May)

Newest Wine Frontier Is the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan
Entrepreneur is hoping to turn some of the small nation’s famous slopes into lush vineyards
Himalayan harvesters’ standard issue – ice crampons and oxygen masks?

The 19 Best Vineyard Designs Around The World
…spectacular winery designs from Napa Valley to Italy

Want Your Wine To Taste Better? Add Salt, Pepper and Fat
Prep those buds

Sleeping giant: Argentina’s new emerging wine region
The few people in this big land talk “micro-terroir”

The Future of Washington Wine

What will the new grape varieties mean for Bordeaux?

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