News Spinning the Wine World, June 2019 Part One

It is not unwarranted to say that events in the world of wine are progressing at a breathless pace. From time to time AppellationsTen calls attention to current news that is shaping the wine world in some way. Below, take note of current wine news that helps make the world spin.

June Part One

Ancient DNA Study Reveals Deep Roots of Modern Grapevines
Old stuff

Looming insect invasion threatens California wine and avocados
UCR plans tiny wasp counterattack
The sting, Low-Tech

Vineyards use drones in war against pests
Bug Wars, High-Tech

Ready To Invest In Wine? Here Are Five Reasons To Consider Arizona
Vineyard Real Estate

Another Step Closer to Understanding Smoke Exposure in wine grapes
“Where there’s smoke, there’s”…dissonance

Wine grapes show a spectrum of stress
Like people, no two are alike

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