News Spinning the Wine World January – February 2019

News from the Wine World, spinning the Wine World

Organic Grape Growing Harms Vineyard Soil, Says A Consumer Advocacy Group
Thomas Pellechia, Contributor, Food & Drink, Jan. 6, 2019
Looking inside a trend

The Rise of the USA as the World’s Biggest Wine Consumer
David Morrison Jan., 7, 2019

How Gravity-Flow Wineries are Taking Grapes to New Heights
January 7, 2019
The news is in the numbers, not the method

Markets Positive About Aluminium Screw Caps
Press Release – February 13, 2019
Like Screw Kappa Napa?

Berger on wine: Making a case for Rhône wine
Dan Berger, February 19, 2019
No, not a wooden “case”.  Might be more appropriate because we all know Rhone wine is great.

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