News Shaping the Wine World, December 2018

It is not unwarranted to say that events in the world of wine are progressing at a breathless pace.  From time to time AppellationsTen calls attention to current news that is shaping the wine world in some way.  Below please see some of the current wine news that helps make the world spin.

Berry Bros. & Rudd Introduces Luxury Wine Services to The United States

The Prisoner winery opens with ‘evolutionary’ concept
Vraiment!  Mais $285-million?

California’s Standout 2016 Vintage of Pinot Noir
Further evidence Cal’s Pinot Noir has made it to the majors!

Busting terroir myths: The science of soil and wine taste
To taste, or not to taste (the rocks)

‘Super cult’ wineries and virtual reality will disrupt fine wine industry in 2019, expert predicts
I like my grape juice real, not virtual

Loire Valley Wines Make Strides in The U.S.
Understating sometimes garners attention

The rise of Northwest wine culture
Surprise, Northwest wineries number in the thousands

The Latest Trends in Wine As Seen By Global Execs
From the ‘information stream’

Finding Puglia’s Soul in Negroamaro
Another member of Italy’s grape plethora

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