News Shaping the Wine World September 2018

It is not unwarranted to say that events in the world of wine are progressing at a breathless pace. From time to time I mention current news that is shaping the wine world in some way. Here is some wine news that helps make our world spin.

Stony Hill Vineyard: A Toast to a Napa Valley Pioneer, With a Glass of Pinpoint Chardonnay
If you have never tasted this wine, you really should

A hazy future: Smoky summers may taint Washington wine, but this WSU researcher is shedding light on the problem
Help, Smokey Bear!

Fashionable grapes
Hey Jancis, so many grapes, so little time!

Purity in wine: A new ideal for winemakers
Andrew Jefford talks about the quest for the ultimate ideal in wine

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