Flavor Napa Valley 2017 Preview

The new CIA campus in Napa welcomes all

The event name, Flavor Napa Valley, means just what it states.  Attend this event and get the flavor of Napa Valley in its many aspects.  When Napa Valley is mentioned, most people think of wine.  It’s true that wine is the valley’s centerpiece, but there is much more going on also.  By its many acts, this event brings into play the many aspects of the valley.  Just a few of the diverse activities on offer are a golf tournament including local winemakers and chefs, a whisky tasting, and a Shushi evaluation.  The organizer, Visit Napa Valley, has scheduled Flavor Napa Valley for Wednesday, March 22, through Sunday, March 26.

Food plays a big role in Flavor Napa Valley 2017.  Fine cuisine will be paired with top Napa wines in multi-course dinners.  Executive chefs will provide live cooking demos in other attractions , and sommeliers will pair exotic cuisine with appropriate wines.

Edible gardens on the CIA campus in Napa, with Robert and Margrit Mondavi forever celebrating from the roof

Venues are throughout Napa Valley and include the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) campus at Greystone in St. Helena, and the new CIA campus in Napa at COPIA.  The credentials of presenters at events are impeccable and include high profile winemakers, executive chefs, sommeliers, college professors, and at least one inductee into the California Vintners Hall of Fame.

Attention wine fans!  You knew this was coming!  Of course, wine takes a huge part in Flavor Napa Valley, and in many ways.  Vineyard and winery tours abound, and so do opportunities to taste wine.  Numerous avenues to wine are offered, such as the wine blending seminar with actual hands-on experience.  Another outing provides the opportunity to learn about and exercise the sense of smell for wine.  Some functions will honor top winemakers, and others will discuss the newest winemaking talent.  For the brave, there is an introduction to Napa Valley’s “ghost wineries.”  Finally, but hardly the least, there are two “grand” wine tastings during the course of the event taking place at alternate CIA campuses.

All these doings provide the “flavor” of what Napa Valley has to offer.  There is an expression, “Your taste is all in the mouth.”  At Flavor Napa Valley, taste is definitely not “all in the mouth.”

This is truly an event on the grand stage!  Flavor Napa Valley is a five-day spectacle with geographical dispersion encompassing much of the Valley.  There is so much to experience, participate in, and learn here.  This event is a real treat for the senses, body, and intellect, and simply adds to the confirmation of Napa Valley as a major tourist destination.  This uncommon opportunity is not to be missed!

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